Enson Inoue’s new Japanese blog is up and running!

Enson Inoue’s new Japanese blog is up and running! To check it out click HERE Hody Jae Huh has some excellent and amazing pictures of both Pat and Eddy’s fight as well as some awesome mma pictures from Japan. Check them out HERE RED BELT PREMIER!! Enson walked the red carpet and attended the RED BELT PREMIER in New York. Red Belt is currently in theaters nation wide and is an awesome move.  Purebred USA is proud to offer the same shirt worn by Enson in the movie (it’s the Yamatodamashii Fokai Family shirt)  

The meaning of Yamato Damashii to Enson

YAMATO DAMASHII Yamato Damashii is roughly translated as Samurai Spirit or old spirit of Japan and has become synonymous with Enson Inoue. He was given this nickname by the Japanese media because of the way he carries himself inside and outside of the ring. In his own words this is what Yamato Damashii is to him.  Taken from an interview by Hody Jae Huh. The meaning of Yamato Damashii to Enson In 1994 a racquetball company called Purebred, was formed by Enson Inoue. It was his vision at the time to produce the highest quality racquetball equipment on the market. Luckily for the world prior ...


Yamatodamashii   Samurai White   Samurai Black Welcome to Purebred USA, a premier apparel company born on the island of Oahu with Yamatodamashii as our foundation. The seeds were planted years ago by Enson Inoue and have grown into a tree that crossed the pacific. Spreading the Yamatodamashii way of life and the belief that if you give everything you have you will never be disappointed with the outcome. Overcoming your fears, sacrificing your body, testing your heart, Yamatodamashii, Purebred USA, Enson Inoue
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